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We run top quality in-house or virtual training sessions that cover the entire spectrum of delivering compelling, influential messages and engaging with stakeholders. All of our sessions are highly interactive and designed to be enjoyable as well as impactful. Our current workshops are:

  • Compelling Presentations
  • Presenting Virtually
  • Engaging Facilitation
  • Train the Trainer
  • Expert Influencing
  • Confidence & Presence
  • Driving Change
  • Personal Impact
  • Managing Time
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Beating Stress
  • Powerful Prioritising
  • Personal Branding


Our individual coaching sessions are designed to give the maximum benefit in the minimum time. Working one on one either virtually or at a location to suit the individual, we spend the time they need giving in-depth personal training on the areas where they most need help to add value.



We also offer a choice of highly engaging, hour long keynote sessions to make the biggest impact possible for the most people. The sessions are designed to challenge the way your people currently think and offer practical tips they can use straight away. We also aim to make them laugh along the way! These can also be delivered virtually. Our current conference sessions are:

Don't put lipstick on a pig!
The art of engaging presentations

Alright STOP! Collaborate and Listen
How to maximise team effectiveness

Unleash your potential
How to take charge of your future

Where the magic happens
The power of daily courageousness


Can't find something that exactly fits? We are always happy to work with you to ensure that your people have the solution that best suits their needs. We work in partnership with you to either alter an existing solution, or develop a new one.



We're passionate about helping your people become more confident, engaging communicators. We also recognise that great training solutions on their own can sometimes have a short lived impact. We want to make that training stick, so we provide on-going support that helps your people go from good to great.

Money Back Guarantee

Working with The Complete Presenter is totally risk free. If you are not absolutely satisfied by the end of one of our sessions, we will refund your money in full (but rest assured, in over 17 years of running top class training sessions, no one has asked for their money back yet!).


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